What is Musik Fabrik?

A brief description of our work and some frequently asked questions

Musik Fabrik is a French Associative collective of musicians, composers, music Theatre professionals and recording industry professionals who work together to promote works in our catalogue and to create the possibility for our composers and artists to realize projects which are inline with our artistic vision. Founded in 1996 by the late composer Antoine TISNÉ, The American Musician Paul WEHAGE, and the composer Jean-Thierry BOISSEAU, the artists of Musik Fabrik include composers, stage directors, record producers, musicians and singers who work with us on projects which have included in the past recordings, concerts, music theater and opera productions and residency programmes in countries through Europe, Asia and North America.

Musik Fabrik is interested in exploring ways of creating and preserving music in the most direct, uncomplicated manner possible.  We tend to facilitate direct collaboration between the individuals who are involved in our creative staff, who are also involved in all administrative and promotional aspects of each project.  We are always interested in having contact with artists from all areas of the World who are interested in collaborating with us on specific projects.  Feel free to use us as a resource!

Question: Do you accept submissions from composers?

Yes we do, but we can't guarantee that we can publish everything that we receive. This is because we know what we can sell and what we can't. It's not a reflection on your work, but simply our honest evaluation of what we can do for it. If you would like scores and other documents sent back to you, we ask that you arrange for the postage when you send your materials to us.

Question: Do you accept submissions from Artists who wish to release CDs on your label?

Again, yes we do, but we need to hear you before we can make decision. A cassette or even a rough CD is fine. Again, if you want it back, please also arrange for the postage when you send it to us.

Question: You already work with a saxophonist/a pianist/singers/composers/etc. Does this effect my chances for working with you?

No. We don't look at artists in catagories of what they play, but rather who they are. If you've got something important to say with your work, we're interested in hearing about it. We're all comfortable with where we are in our careers and won't be threatened by another talented person who wants to join us.

Question: I want to record a work in your catalogue. What do I need to do?

If you want to release the recording on Musik Fabrik, you don't need to do anything. We take care of all of that stuff for our artists. If you want to release the CD on another label, you need to email us at recordings@classicalmusicnow.com so that we can arrange for a licensing fee. We charge the standard statutory rate in the US and the SACEM rate in Europe.

Question: I want to purchase a CD/a score but I don't want to pay using PayPal. What can I do?

If you're based in the US, we can accept checks in US dollars drawn on a US bank. If you're in Europe, a check in Euros is fine. If you're else where, the best solution is to use a postal money order. To know how much to send, use the PayPal shopping cart buttons, which will automatically calculate the total in US dollars including postage. We currently can't accept credit card payments outside of PayPal, but we think that PayPal is a pretty good service which is easily available to most folks around the World.

Question: I'm a music dealer and I want to sell your CDs/music at my store. How can I do this?

Contact us at orders@classicalmusicnow.com and we'll send you our catalogue with dealer prices. You'll find that it's easy and worth your while.

Have a question that we haven't answered here? Send us a message!


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